Grad School is tough

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One step at a time…



I have been really trying to study.  But I’ve been offered a job I would rather take and wouldn’t have to travel 2and a half hours for.  Today, I worked and then took shadow photos with Kianna, my oldest daughter.

She looks like she has a square head but actually, she has an adorable heart-shaped face.

Any ways, if I go to grad school the drive alone will kill me.  I think I am just going to take the job and be happy I found one 🙂

We have exceptionally long legs!!

Create a happy day,  what are your thoughts?






May 2012 Journey Continues

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I have to memorize 3 pages of these a week just to pass.

This week has been insane. I have been too busy to even return phone calls.  I keep thinking about what I would rather be doing than school work.  I have been offered a job.  And, I am seriously considering it even though it would bring me a lot less income in the short term.  Over five years I have calculated that I would lose $150,000.  Is that worth seeing your children grow up?

My children are pretty use to my erratic school behavior.  But, I can’t figure out if I should continue at the expense of them or should I stop; watch them grow up; then finish school.  I hate school.  I think it breeds people who refuse to think for themselves because we have been programed to think for the institution. But, the amount of money I could make if I continue is $30,000 more than I make now.

All of my best friends say I should take the job and stop being stupid.  I am after all a Environmental Studies student and not a Marketing student and opportunities such as these don’t come around very often.

I have a midterm in Geology and a test in linguistics that I need to get an A on this week.  No pressure there.  Right?

The geology should be Okay but memorizing three sheets of  linguistics gets tiring pretty quickly.

The road to graduate school isn’t an easy one and it seems to come at a high price.  I am ready for any feedback or advice.  Please leave all sorts of comments as I will answer all of them.

Create a Happy Day

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At the University of Oregon I have had to watch the documentary Food Inc. five times and each time I would often wonder what the farmers are doing now with their lives that the cameras have stopped rolling. I was happy to read that Carole Morrison switched her farming practices for sustainable pasture tending. We need dedicated loving farmers and I am always happy each week when I drive out to the farm where I pick up my eggs and milk. Farmers work so hard for so little money. My heart and blessings go out to their dedication.
Create a Super Duper Weekend,


May 4th Grad School Journey

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Well, yesterday passed and I was thinking I had a pretty good day when Drake pointed out that actually most of my day was spent in the library studying. And, I thought to myself, darn-it if he isn’t right. Sure, the street fair was fun and all but actually if the truth were told I spent more than 8 hours in a library.

Which brings me to my point today.

I promise I am making a point and here it goes…when you are in school you spend an extraordinary amount of time away from your family. Now, I know that I am extremely blessed that I have my sister and my sweetheart helping me raise my children. I couldn’t imagine the nightmare of doing this on your own.  I would cry a lot!!

It is already so much work that I am so emotional I end up crying over diaper commercials. The idea of being alone with just kids, errands, and school frightens me to death. My mom comes over every day and helps me clean my house too. I know, stop rolling your eyes. I really am blessed and should stop obsessing over finger smudges and toast crumbs. So, today all of my pictures were taken in my car. Because, except for the library the car is where I spend a lot of my time. I still have to get the girls the Cheer and Dance and ace that test. AAggghhh…remind again what I was thinking?

Have an amazing experience today,


University of Oregon Street Fair Food May 2012

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This morning I was rushing around trying to get everything and everyone in the right place when I just stopped the madness and asked my daughter Kalysa to jump on the trampoline with me for a few minutes. I knew that I was going to have an exceptionally long day at school. By the time I am done studying the children are getting ready for bed. I wanted to connect with her and we ended up laughing for a few minutes.

Kalysa took this of my bouncing feet

Then when I got to school I was excited to find the University of Oregon Street Fair. Food, craft, and clothing vendors come from as far as Portland Oregon to bring us delicious and fun items. I loved talking to Cliff Martin from http://www.artocycle.com He makes the most terrific earrings, bracelets, & art deco pieces.

He uses recycled materials from old VCR’s, computers, toys, and games. He creates one of a kind fun jewelry.

I also loved http://www.zazenshop.com This is a store based in Portland and if you love girly frilly dresses, skirts, and tops like I do you will absolutely love them. I am buying more from them tomorrow. So I will post those cute dresses tomorrow.

And, of course what’s a street fair without talking food. I love food. But, I am crazy about street fair food. I called up my sweetie pie Drake and asked him if he wanted to dine with me. He was probably more excited than I was because he went to University of Oregon 20 years ago and has lots of fond memories of Street Fair.

This is what I ended up ordering. A tri-tip form Bates steakhouse with all the works, criss-cut fries, and Friscos noodles. I didn’t eat this all myself I shared mostly half with Drake. I might have had a few extra fries when he wasn’t looking. We had so much fun. You should come check it out if you are in Eugene or within a 60 mile radius.

Look at this Bicycle Food Cart. I love it! The name is Chai Crepes. The line was too long so I didn’t stop to chat or order but tomorrow is another day. I thought their cart was unique and their food smelled delicious.

What’s your favorite food cart experience? I always look forward to University of Oregon’s Street Fair and I am glad they have it for three days. But, amazing street food can be found almost in any city nowadays. It’s fun to find unique flavors and try unusual offerings. I guess that’s what I love the most. It’s a treasure hunt for exotic food.

Now, what would street food be without desert? I met my beautiful friend Licia and she shared her elephant ear with me. Thank you Licia. But, my favorite desert UO offered is Red Wagon Creamery’s delicious handmade ice cream. Their flavor combinations are twisty and unique. http://www.redwagoncreamery.com

Create a happy eating day,


Write in the comment box about your favorite food cart experience.

Lilacs and Rain and Aromatherapy


Happy May Day!!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year.  I love the idea of picking someone flowers for unsuspecting neighbors and surprising them by ringing their doorbell.  My girls and I  made a paper holder complete with stickers and ribbon.  They took it over to our widowed neighbor-rang her doorbell and dashed.  They are 15 & 11 and they still get a thrill from participating in this fun tradition.

I love lilacs!!  I have two bushes that are still relatively small in my front yard and then a giant tree in the field next door.  I picked some yesterday and sat them next to my computer while I worked on homework.  The beautiful fragrance instantly wipes away any anxiety for me.  What takes away your stress?  I think our sense of smell is under valued.  It is so powerful.  We can shut our eyes and instantly be transported to different times and places by certain fragrances.  I love cinnamon too but I will save that for another post.

Aren’t those gorgeous?

My daughter Kianna found this amazing Popsicle recipe that I thought would be perfect for May Day.  It is from the website: Family Fresh Cooking (She has amazing photographs)

Here is the full recipe.

Enjoy the fresh beginnings of Spring

Create a Happy Day,


Garbage Vegetable Stock Recipe

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ImageGarbage Veggie Soup

I don’t remember how we came across this idea but we take all of our old vegetables-not moldy gross-just the ones that are wrinkly or brown.  We also save our egg shells and throw those in also because they are high in calcium.  During the week when we are cutting up veggies for salads or dinner we save the ends and freeze them to use later for soup.  Today Drake, my live-in life partner, is putting it all together and cooking it up to make vegetable stock.Image


He is canning it after he strains it.

Recipe:  Garbage Vegetable Stock

Take all vegetable ends and egg shells and boil in large stock pot for three hours


Pressure can

Super Cinchy!!

Journey Towards Grad School


I’m graduating from University of Oregon in a few weeks and I have applied to Willamette University in Salem to earn my MBA in marketing. If and when I get accepted (I guess I should say When) the commute will take an hour and twenty minutes each way. Yikes! 2 hours and forty minutes in a car seems excessive. Today it takes me at most five minutes to drive to #UO and that’s including ‘rush hour’ in Eugene.

I visited Willamette yesterday and watched the students pitch their venture ideas to Angel Investors. Nerve wracking for them but they did a great job inventing new products and researching the market. It seemed intensive but something I will have to do if I am accepted in to the MBA program.

I’m wondering, as a mom, how hard this will be on my children and family. When I am not around everyone has to do more work because I’m not holding up my end of the bargain. I am hoping that in the end the financial payoff will be worth all of the hard work.

And, the hard work is coming. I have to study for the GRE. I have my appointment set for June 22. I’m crying on the inside. I’m not sure if I can cram all of that math and wacky vocabulary in my head by then. But, if I don’t do it that soon I’m really not going to get accepted. It was suppose to be taken care of by May 1st. I am feeling the crunch.

Anyone have suggestions for effectively studying for the GRE? I need to get a 500 in math, apparently they don’t look at the written scores.

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