Garbage Vegetable Stock Recipe

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ImageGarbage Veggie Soup

I don’t remember how we came across this idea but we take all of our old vegetables-not moldy gross-just the ones that are wrinkly or brown.  We also save our egg shells and throw those in also because they are high in calcium.  During the week when we are cutting up veggies for salads or dinner we save the ends and freeze them to use later for soup.  Today Drake, my live-in life partner, is putting it all together and cooking it up to make vegetable stock.Image


He is canning it after he strains it.

Recipe:  Garbage Vegetable Stock

Take all vegetable ends and egg shells and boil in large stock pot for three hours


Pressure can

Super Cinchy!!

Journey Towards Grad School


I’m graduating from University of Oregon in a few weeks and I have applied to Willamette University in Salem to earn my MBA in marketing. If and when I get accepted (I guess I should say When) the commute will take an hour and twenty minutes each way. Yikes! 2 hours and forty minutes in a car seems excessive. Today it takes me at most five minutes to drive to #UO and that’s including ‘rush hour’ in Eugene.

I visited Willamette yesterday and watched the students pitch their venture ideas to Angel Investors. Nerve wracking for them but they did a great job inventing new products and researching the market. It seemed intensive but something I will have to do if I am accepted in to the MBA program.

I’m wondering, as a mom, how hard this will be on my children and family. When I am not around everyone has to do more work because I’m not holding up my end of the bargain. I am hoping that in the end the financial payoff will be worth all of the hard work.

And, the hard work is coming. I have to study for the GRE. I have my appointment set for June 22. I’m crying on the inside. I’m not sure if I can cram all of that math and wacky vocabulary in my head by then. But, if I don’t do it that soon I’m really not going to get accepted. It was suppose to be taken care of by May 1st. I am feeling the crunch.

Anyone have suggestions for effectively studying for the GRE? I need to get a 500 in math, apparently they don’t look at the written scores.

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