This morning I was rushing around trying to get everything and everyone in the right place when I just stopped the madness and asked my daughter Kalysa to jump on the trampoline with me for a few minutes. I knew that I was going to have an exceptionally long day at school. By the time I am done studying the children are getting ready for bed. I wanted to connect with her and we ended up laughing for a few minutes.

Kalysa took this of my bouncing feet

Then when I got to school I was excited to find the University of Oregon Street Fair. Food, craft, and clothing vendors come from as far as Portland Oregon to bring us delicious and fun items. I loved talking to Cliff Martin from He makes the most terrific earrings, bracelets, & art deco pieces.

He uses recycled materials from old VCR’s, computers, toys, and games. He creates one of a kind fun jewelry.

I also loved This is a store based in Portland and if you love girly frilly dresses, skirts, and tops like I do you will absolutely love them. I am buying more from them tomorrow. So I will post those cute dresses tomorrow.

And, of course what’s a street fair without talking food. I love food. But, I am crazy about street fair food. I called up my sweetie pie Drake and asked him if he wanted to dine with me. He was probably more excited than I was because he went to University of Oregon 20 years ago and has lots of fond memories of Street Fair.

This is what I ended up ordering. A tri-tip form Bates steakhouse with all the works, criss-cut fries, and Friscos noodles. I didn’t eat this all myself I shared mostly half with Drake. I might have had a few extra fries when he wasn’t looking. We had so much fun. You should come check it out if you are in Eugene or within a 60 mile radius.

Look at this Bicycle Food Cart. I love it! The name is Chai Crepes. The line was too long so I didn’t stop to chat or order but tomorrow is another day. I thought their cart was unique and their food smelled delicious.

What’s your favorite food cart experience? I always look forward to University of Oregon’s Street Fair and I am glad they have it for three days. But, amazing street food can be found almost in any city nowadays. It’s fun to find unique flavors and try unusual offerings. I guess that’s what I love the most. It’s a treasure hunt for exotic food.

Now, what would street food be without desert? I met my beautiful friend Licia and she shared her elephant ear with me. Thank you Licia. But, my favorite desert UO offered is Red Wagon Creamery’s delicious handmade ice cream. Their flavor combinations are twisty and unique.

Create a happy eating day,


Write in the comment box about your favorite food cart experience.