Happy May Day!!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year.  I love the idea of picking someone flowers for unsuspecting neighbors and surprising them by ringing their doorbell.  My girls and I  made a paper holder complete with stickers and ribbon.  They took it over to our widowed neighbor-rang her doorbell and dashed.  They are 15 & 11 and they still get a thrill from participating in this fun tradition.

I love lilacs!!  I have two bushes that are still relatively small in my front yard and then a giant tree in the field next door.  I picked some yesterday and sat them next to my computer while I worked on homework.  The beautiful fragrance instantly wipes away any anxiety for me.  What takes away your stress?  I think our sense of smell is under valued.  It is so powerful.  We can shut our eyes and instantly be transported to different times and places by certain fragrances.  I love cinnamon too but I will save that for another post.

Aren’t those gorgeous?

My daughter Kianna found this amazing Popsicle recipe that I thought would be perfect for May Day.  It is from the website: Family Fresh Cooking (She has amazing photographs)

Here is the full recipe.

Enjoy the fresh beginnings of Spring

Create a Happy Day,