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At the University of Oregon I have had to watch the documentary Food Inc. five times and each time I would often wonder what the farmers are doing now with their lives that the cameras have stopped rolling. I was happy to read that Carole Morrison switched her farming practices for sustainable pasture tending. We need dedicated loving farmers and I am always happy each week when I drive out to the farm where I pick up my eggs and milk. Farmers work so hard for so little money. My heart and blessings go out to their dedication.
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Garbage Vegetable Stock Recipe

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ImageGarbage Veggie Soup

I don’t remember how we came across this idea but we take all of our old vegetables-not moldy gross-just the ones that are wrinkly or brown.  We also save our egg shells and throw those in also because they are high in calcium.  During the week when we are cutting up veggies for salads or dinner we save the ends and freeze them to use later for soup.  Today Drake, my live-in life partner, is putting it all together and cooking it up to make vegetable stock.Image


He is canning it after he strains it.

Recipe:  Garbage Vegetable Stock

Take all vegetable ends and egg shells and boil in large stock pot for three hours


Pressure can

Super Cinchy!!

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