I am graduating in a few weeks from the University of Oregon with my degree in Environmental Studies and an emphasis in creative writing and communications.  I’m applying to grad school at Willamette University to earn my MBA with an emphasis in marketing.  I thought it would be fun to blog about my experience as I continue my education.  I’m a mom to three children.  A son who is 16, and two daughters ages 15 & 11.  I know there must be other mothers who are going to grad school and/or have a job while trying to juggle the busy lives of their children.  Do we continue our education and is it at the expense of missing our children? I don’t know and change my mind daily.   I am lucky that I don’t go it alone.  I live with my awesome sister and best friend Rachel who is a teacher at Central Lynn.  We raise all five of our children together and have done so since we sold everything, divorced our husbands, and moved to Kauai.  We moved back a year later and have lived in Eugene ever since.

I love local food and while I am not a vegetarian I avoid mystery meat whenever possible.  I love baking especially sweet gooey pastries and making candy.  After my first daughter was born I stopped scrapbooking, which is  at the horror of my last daughter, and now I love digital photos!  I love to think of myself as a crafter but it isn’t actually accurate.  I only attempt crafting but without much success.  I took a cartoon class one summer at UO but I still only drew stick-figures but I was amused and ended up spending my children’s inheritance on Copic markers.  You should try them because they are the best markers ever made.

This blog is all about finding true laughter and joy every day in our lives.  I know it’s out there and I am ready to live full out and see what happens.


Korben's 16th birthday

Thanks Create a Happy Day!

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